U3A Office Closure

The Senior Citizens have closed the halls and their office for the next two weeks so I am making the decision to close our office for the next two weeks as well. Therefore any activities at the Senior Citizens will be cancelled until at least 14 April.
Any other activities that are under 30 people and can be conducted within the Covid Rules outlined by the Qld Gov. can go ahead if their coordinators are happy to do so.

Hoping you understand the situation. All activities held at Senior Citizens hall are off until further notice. Other activities depend on venues, numbers and space. Don’t forget, everyone must mask up until seated at appropriate distance. Many venues will now request using the Government app on entry. Please check with your venues before your activity regarding their restrictions.
Hope everyone had a good Easter.
President Paul Sunner

We are happy to advise the U3A Office will re open Friday 16th April from 9.00-11.00 am.