Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Senior Citizens’ Centre
58 Macalister Street

AGM will be held Friday 24th September, 2021 at 2.00 pm.

The election of all office bearers and committee members will take place at the abovementioned time and place.

If you know of anyone who would like to nominate or be nominated, please have the nominations in three weeks prior to the 24th September, close of business.

There will be nomination forms attached to the forthcoming newsletter otherwise the U3A Office reopens on Friday 3rd September, at 9.00 am. Please remember to sanitize and keep safe distancing if and when you attend the U3A Office.

We would like to invite all members to our AGM which will be held at the Senior Citizens Centre, 58 Macalister Street on Friday, 24th September, 2.00 pm.

U3A Mackay Annual General Meeting Report 2019/2020

The Annual General Meeting of U3A Mackay was held on the 23 October, 2020 in the Senior Citizen’s Breezeway. Just over 20 members attended which was somewhat disappointing given that Lyn Coburn and Janette Dark as President and Treasurer were stepping down after very successful and extraordinarily dedicated tenures in office.
Circumstances dictated that usual meeting procedure could not be followed and nominations for the 2021 Committee kick started the meeting with the announcement and due acceptance of the 2021 Executive and Committee. We welcome Paul Sunner as our new President with Jenny Mayes stepping up as Vice President whilst Susan Vince remains as Secretary; Muriel Kilcullen has accepted the position as Treasurer. The new committee members for 2021 are Carol Hamilton, Iris Harvey, Peter Sheedy, and Elizabeth Springall. We are still in need of another committee member. Lyn Coburn in her President’s address aptly pointed out that “the organisation needs people to run it” so we are appreciative of the time and efforts these people are prepared to donate.

Lyn’s Presidential address outlined what the U3A is and how it contributes to our being able to participate in an “active retirement” not least in the opportunities it provides us as members to experience new or pleasurable learning activities, socialise with likeminded peers and maintain our self-worth and confidence. We are indeed 550 fortunate members!

She also outlined the impact of, and measures implemented to deal with COVID19 by U3A Mackay, alongside the role GIAGD has on attracting new membership. One salient point Lyn raised was the presence of Facebook and the Webpage highlighting the fact that it cannot be sustained if members do not send in information or photos. Equally the newsletter needs member input but without the efforts of Hector Keioskie and his team to organise its postage etc. none of its content would be distributed to us all.

Lyn closed by thanking the retiring committee members, Hector Keioskie, Cath Davis, Mary-Therese Watson, Jocelyn Wood and Jim Paton, Iris Harvey & Susan Vince, adding a special thank you to Janette Dark for her unwavering help and support.

Janette Dark shared the financial report telling us that we are in a sound financial position going forward however the fee reduction and potential reduction in membership due to COVID19 may see a reduced surplus next year.

We were very fortunate to secure Paul Zeeland from CHATS as our speaker at the last minute following the cancellation of our intended one. He gave a very engaging talk on what CHATS offers within a multidisciplinary service that focuses on rehabilitation and enabling older people to live independently within the community.