Dear U3A Members,
It is a very unsettling time for everyone so hopefully there will be
some resolution over the coming weeks. Government organisations, public health units and the World Health Organisation (WHO) continue to provide accurate, timely and detailed updates relevant to the whole community.

Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, we have decided to CLOSE all courses and activities as from noon today Monday 16th March until the 20th April and it will be reviewed at that date. This is a safety
precaution because we want all our members to stay safe.

The Senior Citizens Centre is closed also so any activities held there,
as well as the U3A Office, are closed too.

As this is a directive on behalf of the U3A Committee, it means you are not able to hold your activity at all, otherwise it will nullify your Public Liability Insurance and you will not be covered.

This is an unfortunate step we have had to take but due to the ages of a lot of our members, we feel it is necessary.

Some of you may have been contacted by the co-ordinator of the
group/activity/class which you are attending.

We look forward to seeing you again before too long. Keep well.

Lyn Coburn

Hello Members,
Unfortunately, we do not know at this stage when we can reopen. Now that the government has eased some of the restrictions, it may be a wait and see that we don’t have a spike of new COVID-19 cases since the weekend protests. Keep an eye on government websites for updates.
We encourage members to keep in contact with each other regularly. We hope the self isolation hasn’t been too challenging.
As soon as we have any notification as per government guidelines of being able to start U3A Mackay activities again, we will let you know.
In the meantime, keep safe and well.
U3A Mackay Committee