Opera Appreciation

Tuesday, 1st June
On the first day of this month being the first Tuesday of the month of June the Opera shown was Jacques Offenbach’s “The Tales of Hoffmann” recorded at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. With a cast of twenty-two singers and a number of “fill-ins” the stage at times seemed overcrowded – but no, all had a place and a place for everyone.
For June remember it is the first Tuesday of the month at 1,00 pm. at the Jubilee Community Centre. History records in January 1533 King Henty VIII secretly married Anne Boleyn having earlier divorced Queen Catherine against the Pop’s wishes.
In September 1533 Queen Anne gives birth to a daughter Elizabeth, however, in February 1536 Henry desperate for a male heir turns his attention towards Jan Seymour, one of the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting and in April the same year Anne is arrested on charges of adultery in incest. Henry now married Jane on 30th May 1536. In October 1537 Queen Jane died just 12 days after producing the long awaited male heir, Prince Edward.
Next month (6th July) is Gaetano Donizetti’s opera “Anna Bolena” featuring Joan Sutherland as the ill fated Queen & James Morris as King Henry VIII and Judith Frost as Jane Seymour with the orchestra and Chorus of the Canadian Opera, Richard Bonynge conductor, a 1984 live performance.
Come along dressed in Tudor costume if you will but remember, it was Anne’s wish that a swordsman and sword arrive from France for her departure ! Oh, a shudder just went up my spine.

If anyone else is interested in attending, please contact Noel on 4942 4776.


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