Movie Buffs

Mt Pleasant Cinemas

Would you like to go to the movies but would like some company? We are trying to arrange a group outing and concession with the local cinema. We will attend the Movies on the last Wednesday of the month.

Every 6th movie is FREE if you are a member of Cinebuzz. It is easy to join at any Cinema or Online.

All new members: please wear your badges as it enables me to recognise you easily.

U3A Movie Buffs September’21

The movie group hope to be seeing the regular monthly movie on Wednesday 29th September.
Our movie choices of late have been very limited and it is possible, with school holidays being upon us, that this will not change in time.
Next movie is on Wednesday 29th September. It is “Joe Bell” and it will be on at 10am.
Movie group members have been advised and if anyone needs any info could they please either text or email. I’m away at the moment and phone reception can be a bit patchy at times. ( Glenda West) : or 0438179751

I am now putting in each email about upcoming movie, that all must sign in using the Qld app, or advise me and I will do it for them. They can also sign in on paper with cinema staff I think.

If you would like to join the Movie Buffs Group, please phone Glenda West 0438179751 Email:

All members please wear badges.



If you would like to join the Movie Buffs Group or talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page.