U3A PhotobookSHOP

If you are interested in making your own photo book using your own photos COME JOIN US. Come along to the “ Give It A Go Day” and have a chat and see what you too can make. You will need your own laptop to download the PhotobookSHOP program onto & access to wifi to be able to make a book. Depending on interest we will meet first time at Carlyle Gardens Computer Room 9-11.00 am on Wednesday 10 February.

Classes will be fortnightly 9-11 am with 2 classes, 24 February and 24 March 12-2pm due to appointments those 2 days. Depending on the progress of the group I hope to have the class finished in 8-10 lessons. If we need to go a bit longer it’s not a problem.

Photobook Shop group meet in the Computer Room at Carlyle Gardens fortnightly from 10 February to 2 June from 12 -2 pm. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME OF OUR CLASSES. Members need to bring their own Laptop and have access to WiFi at their home to produce their personal photobook. I think 8-10 lessons should be enough for members to be able to then produce a book without our guidance. I plan to have another group start in July after the school holidays from TUESDAY 13 July 12-2pm. doing fortnightly classes. Members from the previous group can continue in this group if they wish.
If you are interested in continuing or joining the group please contact Sue Clarke at 0408 770 954.


If you would like to join this PhotobookSHOP Group or would like to speak to someone about it, please send us a message on our contact page.