Great Australian Shave (Shave For Cure)

Hi my name is Ralph McAdam and I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on 27/3/15 and still playing with it.
I lost a son with brain cancer on 1/3/14 and my mother also went with cancer in 1999. Some time before that both her parents went with cancer.
I am not looking for sympathy, I’ve had plenty of that and appreciate it, but I would like something more substantial.
I have decided to register to take part in the Great Australian Shave (Shave For Cure).
To make this successful I will need sponsors, and this is my purpose. This particular fund raising is for Blood Cancer through the Leukaemia Foundation but to me cancer is cancer and if we can find a cure for any one of them (blood, colon, breast, prostate, etc.,) then surely we are on the way to others.
After my last radiation session knocked me about so much, I did some sole searching and decided that by doing this it could, one day help others miss going through this trauma.

So please think about it deeply and if you could possibly see your way clear to help with a donation/sponsorship I would be very appreciative and one day perhaps others would too.

The Shave for Cure will be held at 10.30 am. at St Charles Hall, Nebo Road, Mackay on Wednesday 18th March.
If you would like to donate or sponsor a fellow U3A Member please phone Ralph or Kathy on 0411195893