Making Sense of Technology – Tablets using Android

Android Devices (Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, etc.)

Become familiar with how your Tablet works by learning how to access all the features built in to its operating system (the bit that makes it into a tablet). Both Android and Apple have many useful apps built into them when you buy your tablet. Additionally you can buy and download many thousands more from the online stores.

Find your way around it and make it work the way that you like

Connect to and use the internet to look at the massive amount of information or shop or download your favourite thing.
Set up and use E-mail
Have fun with the built in camera and your photos.

Other features you can use Tablets for:
e-reader: – digital books from Kindle or Mackay Council Libraries online books and magazines
Listen to music or watch videos including TV and news.
Games – getting and playing
Find your way around – Navigation.

Cost $8 + Gold coin extra for use of the NBN



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