Introduction to Digital Cameras

Introduction to Digital Cameras
31 Cahill Cres.,
Rural View

For absolute beginners, covering topics such as –
* glossary of the scary (digital) words found in camera manuals
* inserting batteries and memory cards
* basic settings e.g. Auto, flash, still pictures/movies, zoom (including macro)
* menu settings (portrait, landscape, sports modes etc)
* storing photos (computer, USB, CD, external hard drive)
* printing (via Card or USB using in-store printers or via computer to home printer)
To store or home print photos students need basic computer skills.

Basic Course is normally 4 x 2 hours at my home; limited to 4 students at a time.
The end of the month signals the end of an 8 hour course on the Basics of a Digital Camera. All participants had an enjoyable and enlightening number of sessions on “what button does what” on several different brands of camera – Nikon, Canon and Pentax (both Compact and DSLR), and hopefully now re-read their manuals with “head nodding” enthusiasm and understanding. We expect to see some beautiful shots of orchids, waterfalls and sunsets etc., in the near future from each and everyone.

There are a variety of cameras in use ranging from $90 compacts to $900 (plus) DSLR’s with some people who are absolute ‘raw’ beginners to some with considerable but varied knowledge. I only hope that we all gain something from the “beginners” classes.
Digital Photography Classes.

March, 2021

The next class begins 11th March unfortunately there are no vacancies. However a third class begins on the 6th May so if you are interested, please contact Phil Newton 49 546 186.


If you would like to join the Introduction to Digital Camera Group or would like to peak to someone about it, please send us a message on our contact page.