Computers – Basic

This course starts at a basic level which is for those who haven’t used a computer or can use a computer but have limited knowledge. 


Concentrating on how to turn on/off; how to use input devices such as the mouse and practise control of it and how to read and understand what the screen is showing you. In my experience it is these very basic interactions with computers that a lot of members have trouble with. Get familiar with that and it will be like driving your car – second nature.
“What do I want to do with my computer?” This question needs an answer before anyone purchases a device or before one can answer the question ‘What can I use my computer for?”.

This I have called “computers basic” in the past but it could also be called “computers for prep grade – non tech savvy seniors”.
It will be concentrating on – here is this shiny new device, “What do I do with it?” What you need to know even to get it to work. Windows – the thing that makes a computer work – has some reasonably standardised way of doing stuff. This is what I will try to get members to follow, so that if others change things on you (particularly younger family members) you can recover.
For this course U3A Mackay has 5 laptop computers available for those who do not currently have a computer and want to see if that is what they want out of technology. These will be for use in the classroom only and cannot be taken home. Allocation will be on first in first served basis.
Leave a message on my home phone 49575558 and I will notify you before the course starts, most likely late second week in July.
This course will be held at the Senior Citizens Centre, 58 Macalister Street, Mackay.

There should be lots of fun, and learning. Cost is $8 plus a gold coin donation for use of the NBN.

If you are interested, please call Rob Lucas 0749 575558.



If you would like to join the Computer Basic Class or would like to talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page CLICK TO GO THERE NOW