Italian Conversation

Mackay Golf Club
Mackay/Bucasia Road

This year began with Guiseppe telling us about basic Italian history and it’s language, and then how to pronounce every possible combination of consonant and vowel in the Italian language. From there, he taught us our numbers so that we could count, or use numbers in sentences. Of course, knowing how to greet each other was important with phrases like – Per favour, Grazie, Prego, Arriverderci, Buonasera, Ciao and Buongiorno.
He also taught us about nouns being masculine or feminine, their articles, verb tenses, time, the weather, colours, days of the week, months of the year, family relationships, food, meals, and basic conversational phrases.
Speaking of food, in March, the group headed out to his restaurant in Pinnacle – The Church CafĂ© – for a wonderful Italian lunch. We learnt about the parts of the menu, Italian wine, and how the different dishes were prepared. Many of us had two or more courses. It was a wonderful experience, one we hope to continue when he sets up his new restaurant in town.
He also encouraged us to go to Mackay’s Italian Festival to experience the entertainment and different foods on offer.
More recently, we have been playing Italian card games using a Sicilian deck of cards. Most entertaining.
In amongst all this, he has shared snippets of information about the Italian culture and way of life ranging from his family, education, and his occupation, to taxes, owning a home, and eating out.
Guiseppe held his final Italian lesson with s on Tuesday as he then uses his time to set up his new restaurant. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for giving up his time to share his language and culture.

The Italian Conversation Class is presently in recess.

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