Conversation & Culture – Exploring Languages

Mackay Day Care Centre
43 Shakespeare Street

Conversation and Culture will be run the fourth Tuesday of the month commencing Tuesday 28th February from 11.00 am – 12.30 pm at Child and Family Centre 43 Shakespeare Street, Mackay.

The first Conversation and Culture will focus on the Russian Culture and will be led by Valeriya Edsall (who works with The George Street Neighbourhood Centre) and will commence 28th February.

We hope to run it as an informative session instead of a Course, where members of the culture being highlighted that month, will be running and organising the session. We encourage the members to lead the conversation to help them become more confident. The session will include food (cooking demonstration if possible) and recipe sharing; a bird’s eye view of the history and language of the culture. They plan to on looking at one culture every 2 months. Spanish (South American) and Asian cultures are on the 2017 agenda.

20 – 24 maximum number for the group.

There was an event scheduled for 28th March which had to be cancelled due to the weather. However, this has now been rearranged and will be held 10.00 am. 2nd May at the abovementioned address. The Mayor Cr. Greg Williamson and Deputy Mayor Cr. Amanda Camm will be in attendance. Valeriya Edsall will give a presentation devoted to Russian Culture. Why not come along and learn another culture and have a lovely morning out. Everyone welcome.



        If you would like to join the Conversation & Culture Group or talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page.