Back in the 1990’s a “New” Australian member realised that she didn’t know much about Australian history, actually she always said that until she came here by accident that she didn’t realise Australia had a history!

That led to her research becoming an on-going ‘class’ the members of which knew their history. The result of that participation led to the first anthropology course.

We are all interested in the past, and different civilizations, and we decide amongst ourselves what we would like to learn about next, then access courses from around the world, usually from Universities.

So far amongst many we have learnt about, are the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Venetians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Celts, Portuguese explorers, Romans, Renaissance Italy, Victorian England, South America & Egypt.
As you can see we are interested in just about everything.

Commences Thursday 4th July

U3A Anthropology Group are presently studying “Frozen World – The Story of the Ice Age”.
What SECRETS lie hidden in the ice?
Travel back through history, over 27,000 years into the past, when Arctic glaciers reached as far south as London and people faced a daily struggle not just to survive as individuals, families or groups, but to avoid the ultimate extinction of the species. A key moment in the course of our history saw the two branches of humankind, the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons, face off against the backdrop of perilous cold, harsh conditions and massive predators. But how did our branch of humans survive when so many powerful species did not?
Discover the many lessons left frozen in time, from the perfectly – preserved body of a stone-age man to the remains of Mega-Lions and giant bears. Through the use of computer animation, witness ice age monsters fighting to the death and super volcanoes erupting, and learn the dark truth feared by many experts: that a new ice Age may be just around the corner.
If you are interested in history, Frozen World – The story of the Ice Age will commence on Thursday 4th July. You may wish to contact Hector Keioskie on 49514145

NB The Anthropology Group will not be meeting on Thursday 20th June as it is Mackay Show public holiday

Come and join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month for an interesting morning.
Hector Keioskie 49514145



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