Back in the 1990’s a “New” Australian member realised that she didn’t know much about Australian history, actually she always said that until she came here by accident that she didn’t realise Australia had a history!

That led to her research becoming an on-going ‘class’ the members of which knew their history. The result of that participation led to the first anthropology course.

At the present time the group usually numbers 12 +/- and has continued to this day.

We are all interested in the past, and different civilizations, and we decide amongst ourselves what we would like to learn about next, then access courses from around the world, usually from Universities.

So far amongst many we have learnt about, are the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Venetians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Celts, Portuguese explorers, Romans, Renaissance Italy, Victorian England, South America & Egypt.
As you can see we are interested in just about everything.

We are still continuing our Scottish History, and it just seems to get more interesting the more history we cover.
The next two sessions, which will take us up to Christmas are entitled “Project Britain” and the one we’re all waiting for “God’s Chosen People”. Now that should stir up a few comments let alone a full discussion.
“Project Britain” I assume is how the Scots took over the British throne.
Last year we only stopped for the Christmas break and it looks as if it will be the same this year. We get so interested in what we’re doing we don’t want to stop.



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