Walking Group

Walking Group
Canelands Shopping Centre
Mangrove Road

The Walking Group walks at Canelands Shopping Centre in conjunction with the Heart Foundation at 7.30 am each Monday & Friday mornings. There is always a representative from the Heart Foundation who will let you in at the entrance closest to Stellarossa, Matsuura Drive.
Glenda has added Friday morning as there some folk who felt it more suitable for them than Monday. So folks just turn up, I am sure you will be made most welcome and enjoy the exercise.

The walk is at your own pace which can vary from the faster walkers to those who follow a more leisurely pace. You choose how long you prefer to walk as our group is doing between forty-five minutes to an hour.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring your drinking water.

I would like to gauge interest in a walking group, outdoors, at the Gooseponds. (North Mackay, Malcolmson Street runs over part of it.) It is a cemented walking path, wide enough for two to three people to walk abreast and a rather popular picturesque walking area. The path goes around the Gooseponds, and is partly shaded with trees. Twice around the main path takes about 50 minutes, and is a distance of 4.8klm approx. It is also a bike riding and scooter path, and my preference would be for the early morning time, as I think there would be less of that at that time.

I am considering a 7am start or a 4pm start. At the moment, Tuesday is the day I seem to have the most free time, or Thursday, both times. I am asking if people who are interested in doing this could email me on westdwga@westpaint.com.au or call me on 0438179751. It would depend on numbers who attend regularly to decide if this is viable or not. I would need a minimum of 3. I do realise also that if this can be an option, that the times may change for summer to avoid the heat.

If you would like to join us, please contact Glenda 0438179751


If you would like to join this Walking Group or would like to speak to someone about it, please send us a message on our contact page.