U3A Golf Croquet

Mackay Croquet Grounds
105 Juliet Street

GET out of the house and try something new.
Croquet is one of the finest outdoor sports. (We think so anyway) It is a friendly game that’s relatively easy to understand and fun to play. It requires only one basic skill, that of propelling a ball with a degree of accuracy.
The game can be quickly mastered by using strategies to prevent your opponent from scoring and at the same time getting into position to score hoops for you team.
The Croquet Club is offering U3A members covered by U3A insurance, an introduction to Golf Croquet at 1.30pm for 2.00pm start on Tuesdays and Saturday at no charge for the first 6 weeks then $5.00 each time for a period of 3 months. Those who prefer to play Association Croquet this is played on Wednesdays at 1.30pm for 2.00pm start.

If after 3 months should any U3A member wish to continue they will be required to join the Club. The fees are Annual Subscription of $100.00 and Maintenance fee of $25.00 per month (March to December). The benefits of Club membership include cover by our insurance, entry to all croquet clubs in Australia, an opening to play in any croquet club tournaments, which are numerous up and down the coast. We are in the central region and have close relations with Gladstone, Gracemere, Rockhampton and Yeppoon.

We look forward to seeing more people on the lawns in the near future.

Playing times:
Golf Croquet: Tuesday and Saturday 1.30 for a 2.00pm start (this is a summer time)
Association: Wednesday 1.30 for a 2.00pm start.
Date to commence is the first week in March.

For more information our grounds are at 105 Juliet Street, South Mackay or phone 0413 500 897
Regards, Paul Lanigan, (President)

If you would like to join the Croquet Group or would like to speak to someone about it, please semnd us a message on our contact page.