U3A Balance Class

U3A Balance Class
Senior Citizens Centre
58 Macalister Street

Would you like to improve your posture, balance and coordination?
It is the unsteadiness that eventually leads to falls and subsequent injuries.

Having good balance is important for many activities we do every day, such as walking and going up and down the stairs and helps prevent falls. Increasing the strength of the core muscles can help improve your balance and coordination, while also improving your appearance.
Benefits for strength & training, for falls & balance.
Reduce risk of falls; Prevent injuries related to falls; Increase ability to complete daily activities; Improve quality of life; Maximise independence.
Muscle strength begins to decline more rapidly after 50 years of age, with more rapid losses after the age of 65 years. Low levels of lower limb strength are associated with functional limitations in daily living, including an increased risk of falls. Strength training is now widely recommended for older adults to increase muscle mass, strength, and ultimately, independence in activities of daily living


Some good news, we are able to start our classes again soon, unfortunately Karen is away at the moment. I will let you know when she is back.
Our old venue is not large enough to be Covid Safe so we will be meeting at the Seniors Citizen’s Hall, 58 Macalister Street on Monday afternoons at 2.00 pm. Hope you all have that time free.
You will have to be a member of Seniors to attend, the cost is $5 00 until February, also $2 00 per session.
We have a Covid Safe Management Plan that I will update you with before we start.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Cath Davis

If you would like to join the Balance Class, please phone Cath Davis 0437902310

Monday 2.00 pm. Senior Citizens Centre, 58 Macalister Street Mackay.
You have to be a member of Seniors to take part in this class. Cost if $2 per class.


If you would like to join the Balance Class or would like to talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contacts Page.