Tai Chi

Renae Covey, Tai Chi for Health Instructor. Her accreditation is Tai Chi for Arthritis, Diabetes, Yang And Qi Gong.

Renae has been instructing very successful classes for quite some time and is hoping to restore people’s health and vitality with this slow and steady form of gentle exercise.

Tai Chi originated in ancient China and is an effective exercise for health and wellbeing. It is a series of gentle, graceful movements designed to exercise the body and clear the mind. Studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi improves balance. Other benefits claimed for Tai Chi include better mood, with lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Tai Chi Advanced Class will be held at Yogi Space, 4 Malcomson Street, North Mackay.
10.30a.m. – 11.30a.m. on Mondays

Tai Chi Beginners Class will be held at Studio 53, 53 Gregory Street, Mackay.
10.45a.m. – 11.45a.m. on Thursdays


Tai Chi’s Advanced class held at 10.30 am. Monday at Yogi Space, 4 Malcomson Street, North Mackay.
This class has begun learning the Sun Style 73 Form and enjoying it.

The Beginner class will be held Thursday from 10.45 am. to 11.45 am at Studio 53, 53 Gregory Street, Mackay.

Unfortunately, due to lack of numbers, we have had to combine the two former Thursday classes into one class.

Members – There are places available for you to join our Beginners Class on Thursday.
Please phone Fay 0438136507 if you would like to accept this offer.



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