Tai Chi

Renae Covey, Tai Chi for Health Instructor. Her accreditation is Tai Chi for Arthritis, Diabetes, Yang And Qi Gong.

Renae has been instructing very successful classes for quite some time and is hoping to restore people’s health and vitality with this slow and steady form of gentle exercise.

Tai Chi originated in ancient China and is an effective exercise for health and wellbeing. It is a series of gentle, graceful movements designed to exercise the body and clear the mind. Studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi improves balance. Other benefits claimed for Tai Chi include better mood, with lower levels of stress and anxiety.
Tai Chi exercises every muscle and tendon in the body gently while not increasing the heart rate. It is said that these slow exercises, by inducing relaxation into the heart and blood vessels increases the capacity of the heart and lungs to take more blood around the body. Thus more cells of the body get more life-giving oxygen, enabling them to live longer in a healthier state.
All ladies and gents are enjoying their classes and any new members are always welcome.
The ancient practice of Tai Chi is clinically proven to be one of the most effective exercises to improve health, wellness, fitness and relaxation.

Yippee we achieved it! Finally progressed thru all the 24 movements of Yang 24, think we will have “L” plates for quite a while, Renae. We have still been brushing up on Diabetes, Osteo, Heart and Memory throughout the year.
Tai Chi is a form of exercise that incorporates gentle movements and deep breathing. Practicing Tai Chi may help to relieve stress. The slow movements of Tai Chi don’t require great physical strength, and the exercise can be easily adapted to your own abilities.
Don’t forget last day of Tai Chi Advanced is Monday 9th December with classes resuming Monday 13th January. Christmas break up this year is at Breakwater Restaurant, 11.30 start for Tai Chi practice on the lawn followed by BBQ Lunch at 12.15 pm.
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year.
Cyndie Smith

Cyndie Smith 0429228797

There are two groups of beginners as this is such a popular activity. Everyone is enjoying the classes. Beginner Tai Chi is at 53 Gregory Street on Thursday mornings 9.15-10.00 am. for Beginners & 10.30 – 11.15 am for Advanced.
Tai Chi is a slow form of exercise and very good for the brain as well for your breathing. Every week we are learning something new in the way of slow movement and concentration. Great to see so many members attending.

Our last class for 2019 will be on 12th December and the first class for 2020 will be 6 February (after Give It A Go Day).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
regards Maria Atkins

NB – The webpage only allows 8 items per day on the Calendar therefore the second class does not show up on the Calendar as there are so many activities on Thursdays



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