Backyard Boule, French Boules or Bocce are other variations of the name and game. We play on Thursday afternoons from 3.00p.m. to 4.00p.m. We meet informally at the Lagoon Street Café after 2.30p.m. for a social chat before moving to the “Bocce” area adjacent to the Malta Gardens.
Directions are: Facing the Café go right walk over the waterfall bridge along to the Golden Arches. It is a lovely sunny place and shade is available if required. Come to play the game or just have a chat. We have a few ladies but both male and female players are needed as not all are able to participate each week.
We are happy to share our equipment initially but then you might decide you would like your own sets.
There is no cost on the day other than perhaps a coffee.

We look forward to a few more people trying out a very easy and enjoyable game of Petanque (Bocce) so why not come down to the Mackay Botanic Gardens and have a go! We recently had two men join our group and the men are winning each week. The ladies say it is “beginners luck” so next week may be a change of luck!

Petanque (Bocce as some know it as) is played approximately from just after the wet season to end November on a sandy court at the Botanic Gardens in Lagoon Street West Mackay. We have had a dedicated small group turning up every week to perhaps have a drink and a chat at the cafe prior to playing at 3 pm on a Thursday.
We have plenty of equipment to go around and need more players to keep the game going as our members strive to attend each and every week.

We have been playing in beautiful weather in the great outdoors with enough players to make it a good game. We have had a couple of weeks where we thought of making teams as we had seven players, just needed that eighth! There are a lot of vocal sounds emitted as we really get into the game. With school holidays the numbers have decreased but we should get back to a good number once all is back to normal.
We meet at the Botanic Gardens Cafe at 2.30 pm on a Thursday, but there is the option of just meeting up at the “court” at 3.00 pm to play until 4.00 pm. Come along to just try out, there is plenty of equipment to borrow.

Please give us a call regarding this year’s activities. Shelley Field Tel 0419 430 384.



If you would like to join the Petanque Group, or just talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page. CLICK TO GO THERE NOW