Musical Chimes

This group meets regularly on Mondays at St Ambrose Church Hall, Glenpark Street, North Mackay at 12.45 pm. Rehearsals go from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm. Experience is not essential, but a love of music and friendship is. The group participates in several public performances during the year at varying venues including shopping centres and aged care facilities.

New members are always welcome – no gender bias – as numbers fluctuate throughout the year as grey nomads go on their vacations.
If you think you would like to join our group , come along to a practice session at 12.45pm at St Ambrose Church Hall , Glenpark St North Mackay or contact Contact: Beth Wallace 0402573810.
If you like to explore the internet , as I do, google “ hand chimes” and see where it takes you. This week I listened to a beautiful rendition of songs from Les Miserables performed by a young school handchime choir on YouTube [ even my husband was impressed] . Why are handchimes included in some school curriculums? They are -*Easy to learn how to ring *Hands on music experience *Teaches music reading *Teaches team and cooperation *Builds confidence *Beautiful sound and fun to ring!
Even in terms of brain development, music can play a key role. Training to play an instrument, for instance, is believed to increase gray matter volume in certain areas of the brain, not unlike how physical exercise can tone and enlarge muscles. As a result, musicians often experience improvement in brain functions like: *Auditory processing*Learning*Memory.[ Ashford University} This is so important in the ageing process too. So why not come and see what we do?

When: Mondays 1.00pm to 2.45pm. St Ambrose Church Hall, Glenpark St., North Mackay

Contact: Beth Wallace 0402573810.



If you would like to join the Musical Chimes Group or talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page. CLICK TO GO THERE NOW