Musical Chimes

This group meets regularly on Mondays at St Ambrose Church Hall, Glenpark Street, North Mackay at 12.45 pm. Rehearsals go from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm. Experience is not essential, but a love of music and friendship is. The group participates in several public performances during the year at varying venues including shopping centres and aged care facilities.

New members are always welcome – no gender bias – as numbers fluctuate throughout the year as grey nomads go on their vacations.

Once again Chimers had the pleasure of performing at a retirement village. This time it was
Eaglemount. For many seniors and other people with disabilities, music speaks where their words have failed them; it provides relaxation and satisfaction for those ringing and those listening. Hearing the many stories of how they used to play that song on the piano, or how their mother used to sing them that song, brings joy to both the Chimers and the seniors. For many of them, handchimes bring back the happiness music once provided for them.
Now our focus has turned to Christmas music in preparation for many Christmas activities -dates are yet to be finalized. Apart from the traditional Christmas carols, Kathleen is adding some new pieces to our repertoire- still based on familiar carols but with a twist.
What are the specific benefits of playing handchimes? Barbara Peaker representing Malmark-makers of hand chimes- Ontario states: Playing the handchimes increases seniors’ coordination and stimulates both their brain and their body. A 2011 study by Kansas University found that adults aged 60-83 who had music experience did better on tests of mental acuity than those with little or no musical study.
Being a part of a handchime or handbell choir improves quality of life and the lives of those
around them by providing a meaningful music experience.
If you think you would like to join our group, come along to our weekly practice session at 12.45pm at St
Ambrose Church Hall, Glenpark St North Mackay or contact: Beth Wallace 49425574 / 0402573810.



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