Mah Jong

Never heard or played the game of Mah Jong? Don’t be put off by having ‘tiles’ instead of cards. It’s a great game, played in groups of 4, and although it has (to us Australians) funny terms like the Wall of China, Dragons, Winds, and Flowers. It’s no harder than learning the different suits – Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts that we are used to. But a word of warning – it can become addictive!!

Come along; you will be most welcome.

Christmas Holiday Mah Jongg will be at the Jubilee Centre (Old Library)
Details are: Each Wednesday morning from 2nd January until 13th February inclusive.
However they have a previous booking for the 6th of February so that morning all of the rooms are unavailable.
The room will be open from 8:30 onwards and there are tea and coffee facilities with everything supplied.

I will take home some of the card tables from mah-jong tomorrow and bring them in each week but if anybody else has one that they could bring in as an extra that would be good. There are plenty of chairs there. As an afterthought it was pretty cool in there this morning when I had a look so maybe people might like to bring a jacket.

Jan Gordon 0408156657
I was wondering if you could ask those attending if they can help out with Give it a Go Day, so that there is someone playing most of the time. GIAG Day is at the Senior Citizens Hall on Friday 1st February from 9am to 11.30am and it would be good if players even for half an hour could be playing so that the people can see what a happy bunch we are.

Just needs the club sets and some people as tables & chairs will be provided. Morning tea is also available.
Bonnie Hull 49576758



If you would like to join the Mah Jong Group or would like to talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page.