Cuppa and a Chat
Cuppa & Chat

Usually the same group that participates in Anthropology turn up for a cuppa and chat. We also get others who don’t participate in that but enjoy relaxing in good company.

We only have two subjects that are ‘taboo’ – politics and religion. Although sometimes they sneak into the conversation.

Our sessions continue for the rest of the year as normal. We are not sure about the break over Christmas yet.
We never know what’s going to be discussed until we’re settled with our cups of coffee (and the bikkies of course), and someone will say did you hear….., or did you see….., or what do you think about….?
As mentioned last month we do have some interesting topics come up, and the most enjoyable thing is we never know in advance what they’ll be.
You should come and join us sometimes – you’d enjoy it.



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