Cuppa and a Chat
Cuppa & Chat

Usually the same group that participates in Anthropology turn up for a cuppa and chat. We also get others who don’t participate in that but enjoy relaxing in good company.

We only have two subjects that are ‘taboo’ – politics and religion. Although sometimes they sneak into the conversation.

We never know what’s going to be discussed until we’re settled with our cups of coffee (and the bikkies of course), and someone will say did you hear….., or did you see….., or what do you think about….?
We meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month at 9.00 am at 60 Wellington Street and informally chat about anything and everything. Discussions can get heated but we have a rule that everyone can have an opinion and it is okay to differ as long as differences are left at the sessions and we are friends when we walk out at the end.
Topics recently have included gardening, current affairs, travelling overseas, television, going to the dentists and doctors and flu shots.
Our numbers have plummeted due to cold weather and bugs. (Thank you to those who chose not to share their bugs by staying away).
Due to illnesses and absence overseas, the chat group has averaged only 2 regular members. However we are expecting that everyone will be back this coming month and it will be situation normal with lots of discussions on various subjects. Should be fun.

Unfortunately due to lack of numbers attending this group, it is now in recess until further notice



If you would like to join the Cuppa and a Chat Group, or want to talk to someone about them, please send a message on our Contact Page. CLICK TO GO THERE NOW