Cooking Easy Meals

Cooking Easy Meals
Senior Citizens Centre
58 Macalister Street
This course was introduced in 2018. Aileen will show you how to choose, store, purchase ingredients for cooking the easiest and quickest basic meals for people living alone or have never cooked before.

Initial Cost $8 then $5 per class.

Something quick and easy (biscuits. Only two ingredients and a bit of jam. Grab your can of condensed milk, empty that into a bowl. Then mix a 250 gram bag of desiccated coconut into the milk, until it’s thick enough for you to make about 24 balls. Flatten them down and make a hollow small enough to hold a half teaspoon of jam. Bake on a flat tray, (they will spread a bit) for 15 to 18 minutes or until they are a lovely toasted colour. ENJOY.

October U3A Cooking Easy Meals – CANCELLED

We have had to cancel the U3A Cooking Easy Meal Classes which were to commence on Monday 7th October due to lack of interest by our members. These classes will now be held over till the new year.
Our Co-ordinator Aileen has been very generous with the following tips:
To make measuring small amounts of rice easy, use a medicine glass ( or even a shot glass). Bring three glasses of water to the boil and add 1 glass of rice. Stir and turn the heat down to a very low simmer, cover the pot and do not open for 15 minutes, it should then be ready to fluff up with a fork.
If you are cooking for other people remember that 1 cup of rice will make 3 cups when cooked. Be careful unless you want some rice to keep for tomorrow. Never waste leftover rice, turn it into something else.
Rice Salad:
Simply add a handful of grated carrot and some frozen peas and corn with finely chopped red capsicum or chilli. Add chopped ham, any onion or garlic powder, salt and pepper and a dollop of any salad dressing, or you can dress it by drizzling some olive oil sesame oil and plain lemon juice or balsamic vinegar and stir through.
Rice stuffed Mushrooms:
Buy mushrooms with a good cup or bowl shape, clean the mushroom, then mix some cooked rice and cheese with the chopped stalk and season it, heap it into the mushroom and sprinkle a mix of cheese and breadcrumbs over the top and pop it in the oven or under the grill.
Rice Pudding:
You can heat your left over rice with milk, stir in a beaten egg and boil till thick, (takes a while) add sugar, or honey and vanilla essence to taste, add chopped fruit, berries or even a handful of sultanas. You can make this even nicer, by using cream instead of milk. You can also make a nice sweet dessert using any well boiled porridge oats this way.
Fried Rice My Way:
First beat an egg and fry it slowly without stirring, try to lift it off the pan in one piece and set it aside. They fry finely chopped onion and bacon till cooked, set aside with the egg, next, add a 1/4 measure of rice to your pan, with some butter or oil and a bit of garlic salt, onion salt or a pinch of powdered ginger, and fry till the rice is starting to look charred, add the cooked onion and bacon and slowly add 1 measure of hot water, (careful, it may splatter, but it is quicker if it is hot from the kettle), and cook, adding more water if necessary, until the rice is nearly cooked. Then add grated carrots and frozen vegetables to your liking, when the rice is soft check taste and add salt and pepper and any other flavours, slice your cooked egg and set it on top of the fried rice with some soy sauce. And you are DONE!.
Rice Paper Rolls:
You will need a packet of rice papers. The square ones are easier to keep the mixture in as you roll. Your choice is what to put in them. Dip each paper in warm water till soft enough to roll, I like to lay a piece of dry lettuce first, then add a prawn if you are lucky enough to have some. A mixture of shredded or grated carrots or onion, capsicum, peas or corn for colour, or use a can of tuna with cooked rice, and avocado slices. If the rice is really dry a dollop of mayonnaise will help to hold the mixture together as you roll.

If you’re really hungry use 3 eggs , for a snack use 2. Beat the eggs well with a whisk, or beat hard with a fork until fluffy, add milk ( use your eggshell to measure a half egg amount) to each egg you are cooking, and then beat some more, add salt and pepper. Add a good teaspoon of butter or oil to a hot pan and add eggs and stir till cooked. Nice with chopped ham cooked into it.
Omelettes should be lightly beaten, but frittatas need whipping ( with a fork is enough). As the fillings are cooked whipping keeps them suspended. An omelette needs to be partly cooked before the fillings are added, then you fold the omelette to make a half pan shape.
The fillings can be much the same for each, but the frittata is usually much bigger, and can be cooked on stove top or oven, if stove top, it can then be placed under the grill to set the top and brown it.
Diced tomatoes, grated cheese, finely chopped onions, a slice of ham or salad will go nicely in either of these meals.

On another page I have talked about keeping boiled eggs in the fridge as they are so convenient to have for a quick protein snack or finish off a salad.
Hard boiled eggs are much easier to peel if they are quickly put into iced water for a few minutes then chilled complete

Quick and easy. Can be used in many ways, you will only need egg white and soft icing sugar. Cook on paper towel or baking paper (glad bake), on the microwave turntable, One egg white will make a lot of meringue. So if you only need a few, save a little bit of egg white from your breakfast eggs, (be careful not to bet any yolk in the white). To make your meringue add soft icing sugar bit by bit to your egg white until it become like a dough, ready to kneed. Add a few drops of cake colour if you like. Kneed until smooth and able to be rolled in your hands to small marble sized balls. Place 5 or 6 balls into microwave and cook on high as long as needed, probably about 60 seconds but be sure to keep your eyes on it.
These will keep in an airtight container. When you’re ready to serve them, (they will go soft if not eaten soon) take two small meringues and join them together, with cream or jam or even icing. they can also be used for a dessert called Eton Mess, smash a couple and smother them in fresh fruits and cream.
Aileen would like to wish one and all a very Merry & Happy Christmas.
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