Cooking Easy Meals

Cooking Easy Meals
Senior Citizens Centre
58 Macalister Street
This course was introduced in 2018. Aileen will show you how to choose, store, purchase ingredients for cooking the easiest and quickest basic meals for people living alone or have never cooked before.

Initial Cost $8 then $5 per class.

Something quick and easy (biscuits. Only two ingredients and a bit of jam. Grab your can of condensed milk, empty that into a bowl. Then mix a 250 gram bag of desiccated coconut into the milk, until it’s thick enough for you to make about 24 balls. Flatten them down and make a hollow small enough to hold a half teaspoon of jam. Bake on a flat tray, (they will spread a bit) for 15 to 18 minutes or until they are a lovely toasted colour. ENJOY.

6th May
U3A Cooking Easy Meals has been put into recess due to the low number of people attending.
This is unfortunate as quite a deal of preparation has to be done prior to the session, and it is on a voluntary basis.
This activity could be resumed later in the year if we have sufficient interested people.
If you are interested, please phone Aileen on 0402858783

If someone else wants to join us for the next 6 weeks please give me a call Aileen on 49429464.

If for any reason, you cannot come some weeks, it will be okay with me. I would like to keep it to just six people per class (which would be a crowd!). Most weeks you can bet someone cannot turn up, and as long as three turn up we can keep going.

Could you please call me and leave your contact details if you wish to join in. I will get back to you ASAP. Aileen Robinson 0402858783 or email:



If you would like to join this Cooking Group or would like to speak to someone about it, please send us a message on our contact page.