Collectors please note the new time will be 11.30 am. to 1.00 pm. 1st Tuesday of the month – 5th February, 2019

Each month there is a different theme for the meeting and the idea is to bring along something from your collection to correspond to the theme.
It is like a show and tell where each member gets to show their wares and tell the other members the story behind the item.
One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
You name it we collect it!

Collectors Meeting for May 2019

Another successful meeting was held on Tuesday 7th May.
I believe success is measured by how much entertainment, interest and chatter we have had on the day. I believe all who attended the meeting enjoyed this time together. A success!
However, I did make one mistake, and only one person, thankfully, mentioned it to me. The theme for the day should have been GHI not HIJ as was in the last newsletter. We are following the alphabet and I went wrong. That didn’t make any difference as all collectors group members knew what they were doing.
G— Games were the order of the day from one member with Snakes and Ladders, Chess, around the board in miles, and the most intriguing game of goats and tigers. Knuckles ( the game ) made its presence along with fiddle sticks, a crib board and Lego. Glassware in the way of beautiful Carnival Glass was appreciated as was the formidable Maori Axe made from Greenstone. Golliwogs, Gold and a miners right , assorted Glass ornaments, gloves, even a toy Gorilla, as well as a cardboard Gramophone.
H — A hand Heater, helmet, a real child’s Hills Hoist grabbed our attention. A Harrods tin, a handkerchief even a handkerchief sachet and other hardware I am sure I have missed.
I___I was well represented with several different ink wells of glass, pottery and metal. Identification cards, Irish Linen, Irish ornaments and an old Finnish quotation ” My Home , My Rules ” written in Ink. Incredible Hand embroidery was displayed also.
All these items made for , as I said , a successful meeting. It must sound interesting from outside as well, as we welcomed a visitor from another U3A group ,who popped in and spent our meeting with us, to see just what goes on in our room.
OK, so next meeting will be , let me get this right now,
J K L for June meeting
Until then,
Happy Collecting

Chris Vaughan 49540621

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