Come share your passion for things Old, New, Ordinary or Unusual with U3A Collectors. No special requirements, just you and your items. Each month there is a different theme for the meeting and the idea is to bring along something from your collection to correspond to the theme. It is like a show and tell, where each member gets to show their wares and tell the other members the story behind the item. Some of the items we’ve shown/collected/discussed include tins and boxes, clocks and watches, Wartime & Anzac, musical, maritime, old toys, tea towels and kitchen gadgets, beads and beading, horses and Melbourne Cup, family jewellery and buttons, buckles and belts.

You name it, someone will collect it.


Collectors please note the new time will be 11.30 am. to 1.00 pm.
Collectors Meeting for May 2018 was “Fantastic Plastic”

Never let it be said that the collectors group is a mundane group of members. For our meeting theme this month of “Fantastic Plastic” we had plenty of variety. From the gorgeous to the ordinary. Gorgeous being miniature sewing machines, thimbles, needle cases, tape measures and let’s not forget the clocks. Drink coasters, Tupperware, bowls, lights, jewellery, even a moulded bowl made from a vinyl record. Savoury platters ,hats , cooking utensils, shower caps, pegs, glasses, key rings, cards, even a tooth brush. From our only male attendee a cookie barrel that talked and a vinyl baby doll that he rescued from the side of the road. well! really nothing was ordinary as we all enjoyed the morning of “Fantastic Plastic”.

5th June – Theme is “Handwork/Craft Tools”

June’s meeting theme is Hand craft tools. Now that should be interesting.
July’s meeting theme will be Commemorative Items. We should get some history with this one.
August theme will be Horses. (Horses Birthday 1st August)
September meeting theme is Pottery.
Happy Collecting



If you would like to join the Collectors Group, or just talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page CLICK TO GO THERE NOW