Come share your passion for things Old, New, Ordinary or Unusual with U3A Collectors. No special requirements, just you and your items. Each month there is a different theme for the meeting and the idea is to bring along something from your collection to correspond to the theme. It is like a show and tell, where each member gets to show their wares and tell the other members the story behind the item. Some of the items we’ve shown/collected/discussed include tins and boxes, clocks and watches, Wartime & Anzac, musical, maritime, old toys, tea towels and kitchen gadgets, beads and beading, horses and Melbourne Cup, family jewellery and buttons, buckles and belts. You name it, someone will collect it.

Collectors please note the new time will be 11.30 am. to 1.00 pm. 1st Tuesday of the month

Well! What a way to start our meeting for this Commemorative Items day.
Two of our members (me being one) forget and brought along pottery, which is September’s theme. I had so much to show off in the commemorative selections and now that is gone. Ah well. It is what it is.
Saving the day, for me anyway, I went and fell upon the mercy of the girls in the Library and borrowed some of their wonderful Mackay History Books.
There were 9 members who brought along an interesting selection of items.
Only today I was talking about the Souvenirs and Medals that were there on display because I forgot to take photos of the splendid things that were there. I know they were there because I saw them and enjoyed the morning with other like minded members. Please forgive me for not remembering exactly what I saw.

The theme for August is Horses (it’s their birthday on the 1st)
The theme for September is Pottery.( Another easy one.)

If you would like to join the U3A Collector’s Group please phone Chris Vaughan on 49540621



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