Collectors please note the new time will be 11.30 am. to 1.00 pm. 1st Tuesday of the month – 5th February, 2019

Each month there is a different theme for the meeting and the idea is to bring along something from your collection to correspond to the theme.
It is like a show and tell where each member gets to show their wares and tell the other members the story behind the item.
One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
You name it we collect it!

Nine members attended with 2 apologies and nine members had a wonderful morning enjoying the treats and delights of M N O.
M started the day with Milk Bottles, Mickey mouse , Money Bags, Make up, Mermaids, Monsters, Mouses, Mushrooms, Music, Moisturiser, Moonstone, Monkeys , Matryoshka Dolls, ( Russian Nesting Dolls), Money and Memories of Mackay and Monkeys and much more.
N presented us with National heroes with Medals (Our Soldiers), Nylon as in clothes and stockings, Negligee (silk of course) and socks, Needlework, Needles, Nail treating instruments, Nail Polish, Norah Wellings dolls, ( An English doll maker of renown),
O , was not ordinary in any way and produced Owls, Ornaments, Ostriches ( all feathery and cute )an Ornithorhynchus, number One, some O rings, Ornate Jewellery with special names that , of course I have forgotten. Other than that we are all looking forward to seeing what can be found for our next trio of letters P Q R for our August meeting.

Until next time
Happy Collecting
Chris Vaughan

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