Collectors please note the new time will be 11.30 am. to 1.00 pm. 1st Tuesday of the month – 5th February, 2019

Each month there is a different theme for the meeting and the idea is to bring along something from your collection to correspond to the theme.
It is like a show and tell where each member gets to show their wares and tell the other members the story behind the item.
One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
You name it we collect it!

Collectors Meeting for May 2019

Following on from the success of our last meeting, this one again proved to be just as successful.
The theme of course was D E F.
A vast array of items were on display for us to wonder at.
Embroidery was at the top of my list as it was so beautiful. Table cloths, table runners, dressing table sets, aprons, as well as crocheted items of Doyleys, babies bibs and also a decorative piece of work I had never seen before.( Very nice).
Drafting tools, dolls of cloth and the Dionne quintuplets along with their stories kept us all quiet for a long while. (OH what stories) Let’s not forget Dictionaries, both large and very very small and even some dishes.
E for egg, e says e, that is what I was taught at school. There were all types of Egg items on display, timers , eggcups with matching egg spoons, egg shaped dishes, wooden eggs, imitation eggs, and of course the wonderful Faberge eggs. How beautiful.
F for feather, F for fan, F for filigree crochet, filigree jewellery, F for Forks, formal forks, fish forks and dessert forks, gold silver and brass forks. All types of the aforementioned were there and let’s not forget Farleigh and its history. There was even a Family of Russian dolls of the Farmer and wife, cow, pig, hen and egg.
What a treat we all had finding these items at home, the researching that some of us did to tell the stories and some just remembering the past life of these items we bring along to share with each other.
I look forward to our next meeting with happy expectations of what it will bring.
The theme of course is H I J. Ha Ha Ha, till then
Happy collecting
Chris Vaughan 49540621

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