The Art Group consists of about 20-25 regular Artists who meet weekly on a Thursday from 9.00 am-12.00 noon at the Mackay Art Society Building in Snow Wright Court, Beaconsfield.

We are a self-help group and do not have actual tutors.  It was decided that if anyone wished to have tutors, they would attend workshops or choose their own tutor as the artists who do attend have a wide and varied interest in many mediums.  Some of the mediums used, Water Colour, Oils, Acrylics, Oil Crayons, Water Colour Pencils, Pastels, Pen & Ink, Pencil.

We have a small library of our own Reference Books which is run on an honour system.
Some artists choose to use tables/table easels to paint on or we have access to stand alone easels as well.  If you use the stand alone easels, we place a plastic cloth down on the carpet so as to catch spills.

The more accomplished artists are happy to assist if anyone asks for advice with their work.  We have a buddy system, usually with the person/persons who sit near or are friends with, within the group.

You must be a financial member of the Mackay U3A which has Insurance cover should an accident occur.  We do not allow children to attend as our group has people from 50 into their 80’s.  We have a fee of $6 per week which helps pay the rent for the air-conditioned venue as well as the great morning teas during the session.  There is also soft music playing whilst you paint.  We have an end of year Christmas Party too. We hold a non-competitive Art Exhibition to showcase our Artist’s Works.

A very enjoyable social morning with a little bit of “Painting” is had by all who attend.

Some members of the U3A Art Group have taken part in painting/embroidering swatches of fabric depicting all things amazing about Mackay which will be part of creating a Gift for the Matsuura Sister City.

This year the group has chosen to have two weeks off (10th & 17th October) from painting whilst the Art Exhibition is being held at the Art Centre.

Senior Citizens and U3A Art are combining to display their Art in the Foyer of the Senior Citizen’s Centre.
Email: or phone 0419668652



      If you would like to join the Art Group or would like to talk to someone about it, please send us a message on our Contact Page. CLICK TO GO THERE NOW