Creative Writing

We have a creative writing group that meets 9.00 am – 12.00 noon every Friday at The Jubilee Community Centre, Civic Precinct, Alfred Street, Mackay, and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of writing. Members have, in the past, had books published. We are a self-help group and do not have actual tutors.

We give every member a chance to choose the subject for two weeks. A very pleasant three hours on Friday morning from 9 to 12.00 noon.
It never ceases to amaze, the variation and often the similarities in the presented subject. Our small activity that follows the reading of the contributions of the members, promises to be diverse and interesting.

September 2020

Creative writing has certainly had a challenge. Plenty of material to be gathered and members still participated via email for some months. We recommence in a wonderful new venue of THE JUBILLEE CENTRE (old library near the MECC) ON Friday October 2. Time is the same 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. and because of the new venue we can sit and have a cuppa via the kitchen until
12 noon, if the mood takes us. As the council is very particular re sanitising, they carry out the cleaning, and the room we have secured has a huge wall of glass looking out into the park.

There is plenty of room for social distancing, so we welcome any new members who want to give creative writing a go. We do not judge, just enjoy each person’s contribution of usually up to 1000 words or less, or poetry or even snippets of interest.
For our first get together we will be enjoying submissions via the email during the break and any other writings done in this time. We will also be setting out our future challenges and working out when we will have the Christmas break.
At this stage we are booked for the whole of October, then recommencing February next year with the booking secured for the whole of the year 2021. To say that I am excited, would be an understatement. I look forward to seeing existing members and hopefully others who enjoy a good yarn.
Rae Halpin. Coordinator. Creative writing.

Please note change of venue to Jubilee Community Centre. Creative Writing will resume Friday 2nd October 9.00 – 12.00 noon Cost $1 per week

If you are unwell – stay home! Please remember to sanitize and keep safe distancing during COVID

If you would like to join the Creative Writers Group, please phone Rae Halpin 0407639356

As I push my semi conscious mind into awareness of a new day, I hear a beautiful song, crisply breaking the silence of the early morning. The butcher bird is joined by the little rough crackle of a willy wagtail and then the kookaburra joins in with its raucous laughter. My eyes shut, my body deliciously warm under the covers of the bed, my lips curve as I stretch, lick my lips and struggle to open my eyes and my consciousness to another day. The crows join in and then the cockatoos screech in their flock, as they fly to the next food source. A dog barks, somewhere in the neighbourhood, a car door slams and the engine starts, someone going to work.
The day has began.


LOOSING THE SPIRIT. BY Rae Halpin October 2020.

“O.K. men, Yes, you over there with your head between your legs, straighten up and listen, this is serious. I am sure that you do not need me to tell you that, once more we did not win the game today, or the game last week or the week before. Feeling sorry for yourself and dramatically putting on the pity me, I’m in despair look, does not cut it. Opo, you tried very hard, but your timing, man, Did you even look so see who was there or did you just offload?
SPIRIT, GUYS, SPIRIT. Where is your spirit? You don’t even sing the team song anymore.
“But coach, we only sing the song when we win,” Civa mournfully replied.
“Absolute rubbish, that is the time you need to support each other, talk about the game, encourage the good bits and throw away the other bits. Devise a strategy, I can only take you so far, the rest is up to you. Stop thinking about yourselves and think about the team, and oh, while you are at it how about thinking of supporting me also, it’s my job on the line now, and I might say some of you are on shaky ground when it comes to renewing your contract as well.”
The room was in silence except for the odd shuffling sound of socked feet on the floor. The air was heavy with good honest sweat and deep muscle ointment. The lights overhead were starkly bright, reflecting off the white walls, which were stark and bare. Every player in the room knew the situation, but none seemed to have an answer. The coach knew that some of them just wanted to get out of the dressing room and drown their sorrows, an action, he knew, helped no one.
“Anyone have anything to say? “No, wallowing in your defeat again? So, here is what will happen, no one is going home today before we brutally analyse the game. I have the video of the whole game and can stop it at any time for your comment. I warn you, if I find any one of you nodding off or looking disinterested, it will be your game we will concentrate on and no holds barred.”
The players looked at each other, another two hours, but the coach was determined.
“I don’t mind if you change your kit or not, and if you want a break it will be at half time, do you understand… I said, do you understand?”
Thurlo the captain, looked around the room and led the chorus, “Yes coach!”
“We start in fifteen minutes, those of you who want to shower and change do it now, get your drinks and be prepared and involve yourself in the game. Criticise your mates, but do it constructively. Any negativity has to be suppressed.”
The playback lit up the screen, responses were slow, but by the end of the game, there were smiles, groans, comments and the whole team was talking together. The coach had a smile on his face, the players stood up together and raucously belted out the team song, slapping each other on the back.
“Now,” said the coach, bring that spirit back with you to practise and for the game next week, don’t ever loose the spirit, for we are the mighty eagles and we mean to win!”.

Creative writers started back on October 2 in our new venue of the Jubilee Centre (Old Library near the MECC). Our subjects, as usual, have been diverse. When I lost something, The lost Spirit, Find a person and describe them, Waterfall, Caves, Lying in the Heather, Who Dun it with a twist, mystical, Fantasy. The submissions have been extremely well thought out and described, especially Rose’s description of an old fashioned workshop, Joyce’s hairy adventures as a youngster in the Highlands of Scotland amongst the memorable stories. We have decided not to continue through November, but we will be meeting on11.30am Friday, November 6th at the Harrup Park Bistro for lunch to finish our year. We will resume the First week in February at the Jubilee Centre and have managed to secure this venue for the rest of 2021. I would like to take this opportunity to Wish all in U3A a Merry Christmas, and invite those who either love to write a story or just sit in and listen, to join us in 2021. Rae Halpin


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