Creative Writing

We have a creative writing group that meets 9.00 am – 11.00 am every Friday at CQU, Ooralea and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of writing. Members have, in the past, had books published. We are a self-help group and do not have actual tutors.
We begin our morning with reading our “writers’ challenge or in plain terms, homework. Sometimes just making the quorum for a meeting, and sometimes having a good roll-up seems to be the usual. We don’t keep to a schedule other than –
1. Reading our homework
2. Cuppa
3. A word exercise to assist members. This takes many forms, from a member’s problem to something someone has discovered, and on. Our members take turns taking the “chair”, doing two weeks at a time. It gives us different opinions and aspects from each of us in turn, and extends our appreciation of the work put into our writing. We welcome new members and it is always nice to catch up with past members.
Our meetings are always happy and informative. We have gone from the study of adjectives to writing about cyclones and the use of dialogue and all its ramifications.
We all seem to have great fun discussing ways and means of serious writing and what is the best way to get over what we want to say.

The year 2019 began well for us in the Mackay area, most areas had some good rain, for which we are very grateful, as it looked as though we might have a very dry year ahead of us. We got nowhere nearly as much as the unfortunate people in Townsville, then the people living further west of here. I do hope the whole state ends up getting better rain than we have had so far.
Give-It-a-Go-Day went well, by the look of the crowd when Beryl and I joined Jenny at the table, then we had various members and ex-members and friends calling in to U3A’s table.
Our Writers’ Group has increased by one so far, with a possible three more a bit later on. Our first meeting was attended by 3 members, the second by 6, which included a new member.
One of the subjects of study during the meeting of the 15th was the structure of what members considered to be an improvement [or otherwise] in the construction of our agenda. It consisted mainly of the ‘Writers’ Challenge’ [homework] that we set each week. I hope this attitude continues, as long as members express their opinions at the meetings, when the subject is tabled. We have an agenda, and change is not always appreciated, but to be fair, it has to be discussed. It is pleasing to see members expressing their opinions. I hope our Group can always discuss changes, whichever way they would vote. It will be interesting.
I wonder what the next weather event will bring?
Renie West

Creative Writing recommenced 8th February, 2019
Contact: Jenny Mayes 49514187 or Rae Halpin 0407639356


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