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We have a creative writing group that meets 9.00 am – 12.00 noon every Friday at The Jubilee Community Centre, Civic Precinct, Alfred Street, Mackay, and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of writing. Members have, in the past, had books published. We are a self-help group and do not have actual tutors.

We give every member a chance to choose the subject for two weeks. A very pleasant three hours on Friday morning from 9 to 12.00 noon.
It never ceases to amaze, the variation and often the similarities in the presented subject. Our small activity that follows the reading of the contributions of the members, promises to be diverse and interesting.

Please note change of venue to Jubilee Community Centre. Creative Writing will resume Friday 5th February at 9.00 – 12.00 noon Cost $1 per week

If you are unwell – stay home! Please remember to sanitize and keep safe distancing during COVID

March, 2021

U3A Creative Writing.

Creative Writers meet at the Jubilee Centre (Old City Library) on Friday 9.00 – 11.00 am. except on 2nd April (Good Friday).
Morning Tea available. Participants need to bring writing equipment and/or computer.

A Fruity story By Rae Halpin

She is wearing the same hat, I wonder if she has had plastic replicas or if the fruit is real? I could swear I could smell the sweet acidity and aroma given off by over ripe fruit. The other day I peeked into her dressing room, and there on the bench, was a cutting board and knife. In the bin I saw the peel of an orange. Don’t tell me she eats the fruit before replacing them with knew!
The back stage sound system crackles, “Miss Miranda, 3 minutes.”
There is a flurry of activity and out she comes, with perfect fruit, decoratively arranged on her huge hat. They must be plastic, she could not possibly hold the weight of a pineapple, banana, apple, pear, orange or lemon, balanced so well! The fruit is so perfect. What composure! “Darlings, how are you?” Carmen Miranda is on stage in all her stunning multi-coloured glory.
“Anyone know the Banana Boat Song?”
A small voice from the audience calls Dayo Dayoo oo. Without a blink of her false eyelashes she throws him a banana from her hat.
“Who knows Lemon Tree?” another voice sings out “Lemon Tree very pretty and the Lemon Flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.” And so it goes, everyone in the audience gets in the mood and enthusiastically join in vying for the flying fruit plucked from Carmen’s hat. When all the fruit is gone she tosses her hat in the air, catching it she peeks around the side.
“Don’t anyone say that I am a bit of a fruit cake, because you lot have all my fruit!” Talk about knowing your forte. No sour grapes for Carmen Miranda.
Our group have enthusiastically taken up the writing challenges set by the leader of the fortnight. So far Joyce, Liz and Rose have come up with such varying topics. The activities chosen have stretched the imagination from train journeys to ticking clocks, from cutting up fruit to a fantastic verbal delivery by the Wizard Springall in costume. Our emails are including some who have not yet attended, but wish to keep up with what we are doing. They can also submit their stories, if so desired, by email to be read out during our session on Fridays 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Jubilee Centre. We have other exciting and stimulating projects in mind for this year, of which I will inform readers of when the time comes. Rae Halpin.

If you would like to join the Creative Writers Group, please phone Rae Halpin 0407639356


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